Thank You, VVA, for a Great Review

Vietnam Veterans of America welcomes authors to send copies of their books and memoirs about the Viet Nam war for review.


I sent HOTEL CONSTELLATION to book editor Marc Leeson just after publishing; yesterday he emailed me a link to a review written by David Wilson.

Here’s an excerpt:

This memoir is engaging and well-written and more honest than Haase had to be about how callow and inexperienced he was with just about everything.

Take a look; support the VVA if you can.


Self-Pub: Still Bewildered

With the publication of my Viet Nam memoir two weeks ago, I have learned a huge amount about self-publishing.

For instance, I learned how to get it formatted properly and loaded onto more than a half-dozen book sale platforms – Amazon| AppleBarnes & Noble | Kobo | ScribdSmashwords – being the most popular.

After several tries, I managed to set up sales of paperback copies on Amazon. (Granted, I don’t understand why people who ordered it on launch day got their copies in two days, while my bulk order placed five days before launch took almost two weeks to arrive.)

Now Amazon has thrown me for a loop again. Take a look at this screen shot and see if you can identify my quandary:

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.15.38 AM

Yep, there it is. Right under the paperback box. (Absolutely not legible on your smart phone.)

Three “used” copies of Hotel Constellation are for sale already. (Thank you for buying, whoever you are. Fast readers. Or non-readers. Thank you anyway.)

But wait. The used copies cost more, in one case really a LOT more, than a new copy.

As an old newspaper business editor, I confess I don’t understand these economics.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.04.14 AM

Really, californiabooks, you expect to sell it used (but like new) for twice the cost of a new copy? (And the new copy comes with a FREE version of the ebook.)

Anyone with insights should contact this old dog, because he still wants to learn new tricks. (And if you’ve read it, please rate it on Amazon or Goodreads. Tnx.)


Self-Pub Aftermath 4: Marketing Works, Sometimes

After writing the book and getting it produced, the mantra for authors probably must be, “Reach out. Reach out. Reach ommmmm.”

Because of my experience with HOTEL CONSTELLATION: Notes from America’s Secret War in Laos, I am well used to rejection, or more frequently, to being ignored.

But sometimes, apparently, reaching out works, and people reach back.

Antioch logo

I queried the alumni folks at my alma mater, Antioch College, figuring that a story about one of their student’s year-abroad experience might be of interest. Last night, they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in talking with one of their writers. (Would I!)

To give them a leg up, I sent them links to the short QnAs I’ve done on Goodreads and Smashwords.

Lessons learned:

  • Slip a marketing message in wherever you can. (See previous paragraph.)
  • Sometimes it works. (Join the ORRRR Club. Order it. Read it. Rate it. Review it. Recommend it.)
  • Rinse and repeat.