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Nature photographer Sebastian Arnett, and the evil spider demon who possesses him, Empaya Iba, return in Beware the Spider.Beware the Spider - 3D small

Empaya Iba, they call me,

My enemies and slaves.

So begins Chapter 1.

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Book 3 Coming June 17

Book Proofs_IMG_6256

There they are: Proofs of the three books I’ve managed to kick out the door.

My Viet Nam-era memoir, HOTEL CONSTELLATION, and the first Black Orchid Chronicle, The Mark of the Spider, are still available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd and Smashwords.

The Mark of the Spider is available FREE on Amazon in ebook format for just a few more days.

On Monday, the lastest but probably not the last, Beware the Spider will debut.

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More to Come

I’m taking the summer off from the Black Orchid Chronicles, but I’ve committed myself to finishing a sci-fi first contact book I’m calling PSNGR.

And I’ve told myself I must wrap up the short story about my experience as a morgue escort on a dark and stormy night many years ago. I think I’ll call that one A La Cart.

‘Mark of the Spider’ FREE for Limited Time

To celebrate the launch of my new Black Orchid Chronicle, Beware the Spider, on Monday, I’ve put cut the price on the first Chronicle, The Mark of the Spider, to ZERO. Get your FREE ebook now because this deal will last for a few days only.

The Mark of the Spider - 3D-small

The Black Orchid Chronicles tell the story of nature photographer Sebastian Arnett’s attempts to rid himself of an ancient spider demon’s curse before it consumes him.

In Mark of the Spider, Sebastian accepts a mythical black orchid from an aged crone on the jungle island of Borneo. He gradually comes to understand that the flower possessed a curse — the power to kill with his thoughts — but not the ability to control it.

A crew of military assassins, intent upon revenge for the death of their commander, stalk him and the woman he loves to a showdown in Montana.

Kirkus Reviews called The Mark of the Spider “an engaging thriller that successfully explores the implications of a wicked curse.”

Readers loved it and called for a sequel.

Beware the Spider picks up the story with Chinese crime lords dogging Sebastian’s footsteps, hoping to attain his murderous power, with or without his cooperation.

If you haven’t gotten the ebook of The Mark of the Spider, head on over to Amazon right now. If you’ve already enjoyed the story, introduce Sebastian and his crew to a friend AT NO COST.

And don’t forget that Beware the Spider launches on Monday, June 17, in ebook and paperback formats through most online booksellers.