Readers are loving BEWARE THE SPIDER, Book 2 of the Black Orchid Chronicles.

Here are just a few of the things they’re saying:

The BookLife Prize

Plot: The plot of Haase’s story is quite exciting. It’s something different, especially with Sebastion’s secret power that everyone wants to use, and the memorable events that happen to him throughout the story.

Prose/Style: Haase does an effective job describing his settings, characters, and plot. His writing style makes for a fun and quick read.

Originality: Haase’s story is original, from exotic locations, demons, and a curse/power that its main character Sebastion possesses.

Character Development: Haase’s characters are well developed and interesting. The main character, nature photographer Sebastion, is likable, as is his girlfriend Amanda. Minor characters like T add more to the story, with his sensible but sometimes jealous personality.

Mystery Reviews + Writing Blog Review by Jane Cairns

Hang on, Beware the Spider by David L. Haase, moves like a speeding train. . . .

Beware the Spider is a great addition to Haase’s Black Orchid Chronicles, a supernatural/magical realism series.

A very engaging read. I look forward to reading the next installment  . . .

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A haunting, terrorizing, supercharged and riveting read!! by Carol

Intrigue is heightened to mountainous proportions. This story grips you from
the beginning. It intensifies until the final word. …

Talented writing mixing suspense, mystery, magic, fantasy, drama with a myriad of well fleshed out characters that are complex, interesting, quirky and colorful. A very well plotted adventure. …

I enjoyed this book so much I bought an ebook copy to be able to highlight and have with me on my Kindle at all times.

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Fast paced, action packed, and a unique storyline by Sara Marie Gordon

David L. Haase’s Beware the Spider was awesome! I read this book in two sittings over the 4th of July weekend, It would have been one, but I was forced to go to sleep since we had to break camp the next morning.  …

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an action packed story, a little bit of mysticism, and a whole lot of adventure. … nothing slows this book down!

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Fascinating Supernatural Thriller by Seraphia (Vine Voice*)

I was immediately pulled in. … The characters are true to life and gripping. I get to [see] friendships build and even crumble in some instances. …

This story isn’t action-packed, but I don’t mind one little bit. The characters and situations drive the story as it seems that at times Sebastian goes from the frying pan into the fire. … 

… a well-paced story with thrills, drama, loss, and suspense. The tiny little tidbit … at the end gave me excited chills as it leaves you on a bit of a cliff hanger and makes me eager for the next book to come next year. …

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Very good Sci-fi by Donna Page

… anyone will enjoy this book. … You will want to read cover to cover in one sitting so you can find out what happens … I will definitely read the next one.

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Goodreads Review by Gina

… this was an engaging, intriguing novel with a unique storyline–one I became engrossed in and want to read more of. Definitely a recommended book; I’m quite pleased I read it!

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Amazon Review by Bon81230

Fast paced and action packed …

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A Goodreads Review by Jessica Bone

This second of the Black Orchid Chronicles is an edge of your seat adventure that leaves you wondering and praying that you will wake up and that the nightmare is over for Sebastian and he will finally find peace. I highly recommend this tale to anyone who enjoys the paranormal, mysteries and a thriller because this does have it all in spades.

…  a fun writing style that allows you to experience what his characters are and leaves you breathless wondering what will happen next.

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Enjoyed will read more by this author by Lisa

… plenty of action … I will be reading more by this author.