Media for Beware the Spider

Bloggers, book reviewers and other media may use the materials below to inform and illustrate their discussions of Beware the Spider: A Black Orchid Chronicle.

One-Sheet Author Page – Summary of the book, brief bio of the author and small images of the author and book cover. (PDF)

Author QnA – Short answers to frequently asked questions about the book. (PDF)

Book Cover [1500 x 1500 JPG] –

Beware the Spider - 3D small

Book Cover (Print Edition) [1803 x 1312 JPG] –

Beware the Spider - Paperback small

Author Image – Wide Shot [2821 x 2216 JPG]

DLH Pitch WS-cropped_IMG_4271

Author Image – Close-up [1634 x 1634 JPG]