For more than 10 years, I have advised clients on how to deliver their important messages to the people they want to receive them, most recently as principal of my own communications consulting practice, David L. Haase Communications, LLC.

David L. Haase Photo via IWS / Donnie Riggs

Photo by Donnie Riggs / IWS

Prior to that, I served as Vice President of Social Media and Content for IWS, Integrated Web Strategy, in its Alexandria, VA, office.

For six years, I headed the Social Media and Content practice for Virilion, an interactive agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Austin, Tex.; Boston and New York City.

I started writing about the Internet in 1996, long before blogging, when I launched a pioneering newspaper column called Plugged-in Politics that was distributed nationwide by Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. Plugged-in Politics examined how government organizations and campaigns were using the fledgling technology of the World Wide Web and email to deliver messages and sway opinion.

I became executive editor of National Journal Group’s Greenwire online daily briefing in 1999. I then served as Editor in Chief/Director of Publications for Executive Compensation Resources before joining Virilion. Prior to that, I spent 12 years covering Congress, politics and the White House as a Washington correspondent for the late p.m. daily, The Indianapolis News, and its surviving a.m. sibling, The Indianapolis Star.

You can also find me on LinkedInFacebook, Twitter and Google+.


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