Things are rarely as they seem.

I learned that lesson during my career in investigative and political journalism. Probe deeply enough, I found, and all sorts of strange things come to light.

I have now turned my reporter’s eye and inquiring mind on the world to wonder, “What if?” in my supernatural suspense and sci-fi stories.

An amateur photographer and dirty-thumb gardener, I love prowling through greenery discovering new life and taking close-up shots of macro-nature. These experiences provide the backdrops for reality-laden supernatural adventures into jungle and desert, suburban flower gardens and vacant city lots.

BEWARE THE SPIDER is the second book of the Black Orchid Chronicles, featuring nature photographer Sebastian Arnett. It will be available in early summer 2019.

Book 1 of the Chronicles, The Mark of the Spider, was published in 2018. It’s the tale of a nature photographer who is cursed with the power to kill with his thoughts but given no control over his lethal new ability. It’s available from these fine booksellers:

Amazon (ebook and paperback) | Apple | Barnes & Noble (Nook) | Kobo Smashwords

Order the print book and get the ebook free.

HOTEL CONSTELLATION: Notes on America’s Secret War in Laos is my first book, a memoir of my time in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam war years, 1970-1972. You can buy the paperback on Amazon (get the paperback and the ebook is free) and the ebook on Amazon, AppleBarnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribed, Smashwords and a whole lot of other places.

DLH Pitch WS-cropped_IMG_4271

Another project on the boiler is entitled PSNGR, a sci-fi drama about First Contact gone sour. This one gives me goose bumps as I write it.

I find shooting close-up photos of flowers meditative, being a master gardener at Green Spring Gardens a challenge, and being grandfather of two young grandchildren absolutely wonderful.

If you have to, you can sometimes (not often) find me on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. I would just keep an eye on this site.


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