The Mark of the Spider – Launched


Sebastian Arnett thinks of himself as a simple man with simple needs: His cameras, his patron and plenty of booze to wash away the painful memories of dead wife every night.

The Mark of the Spider - 3D-smallHe is a practical man as well, devoid of philosophies and superstitions. So when an old woman gives him a priceless black orchid, he is skeptical. Dark orchids exist, but black orchids do not. (Go ahead, look it up. No such thing as a black orchid.)

Except for the one in Sebastian’s hand and dozens more where the old woman comes from. Sebastian bites.

Will you take me there? he asks.

She nods her assent, and he lives to regret it – just barely.

Sebastian’s story is The Mark of the Spider: A Black Orchid Chronicle. The book goes on sale today in print and ebook editions, available only on Amazon.

Buy the print book and get the ebook free.*

But order the book today. Sebastian won’t live forever.

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Happy Holidays Price Cut

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays.

To mark the season of giving, I’ve slashed the price on the digital version of The Mark of the Spider.

The Mark of the Spider - 3D

Starting December 17 and running through Christmas Eve, you can give an ebook of the Mark of the Spider to your favorite thriller or suspense reader for $0.99.

This is available only on Amazon and only on the ebook.

This price won’t last. (It’s already programmed to end by the time Santa arrives.)

So get cracking.

Kirkus Reviews calls The Mark of the Spider “an engaging thriller that successfully explores the implications of a wicked curse.” That’s a lot of story for just $0.99.

And readers have given it only five-star ratings.

Ninety-nine cents ($0.99) is almost free, and I’ve committed to not giving my books away. This is as low as it will go, and it won’t go on forever.

A candy bar costs more. A coffee costs more. A camera, air travel to Borneo and a black orchid all cost more. Much more, especially if your name is Sebastian Arnett.

This deal will be advertised internationally on The Fussy Librarian on December 18, and I expect a lot of demand. Get your copy before they run out.

Get your $0.99 ebook from Amazon now.

Thank you, and I wish you Happiness on your favored Holiday.

Full-price ($3.99) ebook editions are available for these platforms:
And you can always get a print copy from Amazon for $11.99.

Awards Judge: Hotel Constellation A ‘Fascinating Memoir’

Writer’s Digest informed me that my Viet-Nam era memoir, Hotel Constellation: America’s Secret War in Laos, missed the top prize for memoirs in its 2018 self-published book awards.

But it did give me a heckuva good writeup as a consolation prize. The judge called it “a fascinating memoir written by a seasoned writer.

Hotel Constellation got a 5 — the highest rating on a scale of 0-5 — on five of the six criteria judged. It stumbled on “Plot and Story Appeal,” which I grant is a really important factor. It rated a 4 out of 5.

Here is what a judge of the 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards wrote: (This is the complete review, unedited except to correct the spelling of the name, Branfman.)

Hotel Constellation - 3D

Hotel Constellation opens with a good self-description of a stubborn young man absolutely bent on going to Vietnam, obsessed with entering the country and studying for a year at the Buddhist University in Saigon. He arrives in September of 1970. The level of danger involved in his enterprise, for which he has prepared for an entire year, can be seen in his father’s taking out a $5,000 life insurance policy on his own son. Mr. Haase Sr. knew he would not be able to afford to ship his son’s cadaver back should anything go wrong. Wrong, in fact, was how things went from the first moment Haase disembarked from the plane. He ended up being shipped off to Bangkok, from which place he worked on finding a way back in to Vietnam. I really felt for the author’s frustrations in Laos. The story about Branfman forced departure from Laos is interesting, especially when the reader considers it might have been engineered by the U.S. Embassy. The author explains a great deal about the Meo people. He also shows that he had a most original life in Laos. It is ironic, however, that he felt things were happening everywhere except where he was. I like the pictures: they bring a nitty gritty ethos to the memoir, none more convincingly than the shot of the author interviewing Jane Fonda on the tarmac of Wattay Airport in July of 1972. I liked the reasons the narrator gives for his going to Vietnam—to prove to his father that he was “not a coward, not afraid to face war just because [he] opposed this one” (251). This is a fascinating memoir written by a seasoned writer who shows that our ideals at 20 influence choices that impact us for a lifetime and may, as in the case of Haase, give us rare perspective.

Thanks to Writers Digest and congratulations to all of the self-published winners.

Hotel Constellation is available in ebook and paperback formats.

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Also available in paperback at Amazon.


More Readers Liking ‘Mark of the Spider’

Thanks to everyone who has picked up The Mark of the Spider, with a special side helping to those who also reviewed the adventure.

Here’s more of what they said:

the-mark-of-the-spider w review_ebook

New cover has Kirkus Reviews excerpt on top: “An engaging thriller … a wicked curse.”

I’m not a big sci fi fan but I LOVED this book! Was sucked right in trying to figure out what would happen next.


This is a thoroughly absorbing read and a fantastic escape novel. The book came alive with tremendous character development and an intriguing plot. I love it when a book like this appears and I am so engaged I can’t put it down.


Haase has given us a thoroughly enjoyable read that will have you furiously turning pages until the very end.


I’m a slow reader, so probably the most telling thing I can say about this book is that I finished it in a week. I simply could not put it down.

Again, thanks for the kind words.

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