Ray Bradbury: Follow that Character …

391px-ray_bradbury_(1975)_-cropped-Find a character, like yourself, who will want something or not want something, with all his heart. Give him running orders. Shoot him off. Then follow as fast as you can go. The character, in his great love, or hate, will rush you through to the end of the story.

Ray Bradbury, The Joy of Writing, Zen in the Art of Writing

Mark of the Spider: What Readers Say

Here is what some readers are saying about The Mark of the Spider: A Black Orchid Chronicle.


“A captivating and easy to read book … I didn’t want it to end….”


“Once you start you don’t want to put down. Full of intrigue!”


“My only disappointment was that the second book hasn’t been released yet! I want more!”




Not sure if that last one describes the book or the reader, but either way, I like it.

If you’ve read it and liked it, please say a few words about it on Amazon or Goodreads.

If you haven’t gotten the book yet, do it now. I hear it’s “breathless.”

The Mark of the Spider is only available on Amazon until mid-November when it will be available through most ebook sellers. Stay tuned.