If Grammar Could Speak …

These are the kinds of things it would say:

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.11.46 PM

Thank you to my copy editor par excellence, Donna Verdier.


Design Close, But No Cigar

HOTEL CONSTELLATION got an Honorable Mention (Gold Star) in the January e-Book Cover Design Awards at the Book Designer Web site.

Hotel Constellation - 3D

Here is the judge’s citation:

Everything on this is just right – the choice of font, the colours, and the grungy aspect, as well as the strategically-positioned censor stripes over some sections of the text. An excellent cover that entirely suits the book.★

If “everything … is just right,” it should have won, right?

Oh, well. At least we were a contender.


People on the Street added to Photo Albums

I’ve added a third album to the photos page of the HOTEL CONSTELLATION project.

Here’s a beauty I watch grow from toddler to preschool age.