Here are some of the things readers are saying about HOTEL CONSTELLATION: Notes from America’s Secret War in Laos.

This memoir is engaging and well-written and more honest than Haase had to be about how callow and inexperienced he was with just about everything.

— Vietnam Veterans of America

Anybody enthralled by evocative writing of exotic places and critical times should read Hotel Constellation; you won’t be disappointed.

T.M., Amazon

[Haase] is no hero, even at the center of his own experience and even when he might tell it any way he chooses to tell it. Because of this, “Hotel Constellation” never soars to the height of a seemingly all-knowing, all-seeing historical oversight. It stays rooted where it begins and evolves insofar as the author did. It is an act of courage to write it that way.

— E.S.L., Goodreads