Readers Lovin’ ‘Beware the Spider’ & Want More

Reviews of Beware the Spider poured in over the last several weeks, and I’m gratified that even reviewers with legitimate critiques liked the story.

Thank you to every reader who reviews the book, and note that I take feedback seriously.

Here are a few things reviewers had to say (edited drastically to make them look punchy):

Carol enjoyed her reviewer’s print copy so much “I bought an ebook copy to be able to highlight and have with me on my Kindle at all times.” (Full review on Goodreads.)

Sara Marie Gordon called it “fast paced, action packed, and a unique storyline.” She took it camping, and it kept her up late. (Full review here.)

Seraphia, a Vine Voice* reviewer on Amazon, called Beware the Spider a “fascinating supernatural thriller.” (Full review here.)Amazon Books (@amazonbooks) | Twitter

(* Amazon Vineā„¢ Voice , an invitation only program that gives Amazon reviewers advance access to not-yet-released products for the purpose of writing reviews.)

Donna Page called it “very good sci-fi.”

“I will definitely read the next one,” she says. (And, yes, there will be another next year.)

NOTE: Sci-fi? Thriller? Supernatural? Just what are the Black Orchid Chronicles? I’ll be addressing the genre “issue” soon in a blog post. It’s definitely a vexing problem and may be limiting the number of readers the books reach.

Lisa and Gina are excited about the next Black Orchid Chronicle, too.

“I will be reading more,” Lisa says. (Read her full review here.)

Gina says, “This was an engaging, intriguing novel with a unique storyline–one I became engrossed in and want to read more of. ” (Full review on Goodreads.)

Reader Jessica Bone says I’ve got “a fun writing style that allows you to experience what his characters are and leaves you breathless wondering what will happen next. ” (Read her full review on Goodreads.)

Finally, Amazon reviewer Bon81230 was breathless:

Fast paced and action packed …

(Read her full review here.)

You can find direct links to the full reviews on the Beware the Spider Reviews page on my Web site.

If you’ve read and enjoyed Beware the Spider, please share a review. It’s how authors get known.

Thank you, all.

Beware the Spider Hits Publishers Weekly

PW Promo_IMG_6404

PW blurb_IMG_6405

Publishers Weekly, the bible of the publishing industry, included my new book, Beware the Spider, in its list of new titles from self-publishers in its July 2019 edition.

It’s just a small factual blurb, but it gets the title in front of more eyes, and that’s what it’s all about right now.

If you don’t have your copy yet, get an ebook or print version. If you’ve read it, please post a review.