Sins of the Novelist

Last evening, the Royal Writers Secret Society – don’t bother Googling, you won’t find it; it’s secret – gave me feedback on chapters 5 and 6 of The Mark of the Spider, my adventure-thriller manuscript.


In a nutshell, their observations:

  • Is protagonist likable enough?
  • More reflection and feelings
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Digressions, excessive detail
  • Cliches

If I committed any other sins of fiction writing, they ran out of time cataloguing them.

This is why every writer needs an editor, every story teller needs a caring audience, and every keyboard has a delete key.



Things I Wish I had Known


Florence Osmund

Florence Osmund wrote a wonderful piece for The Book Designer blog back in July entitled “Four Truths and Four Myths That Every New Novelist Should Know.”

I might still have tried this fiction-writing thing if I had known this, but maybe not.

We’ll never know.

I hope some new writer will.