Mark of the Spider – It Begins

The Mark of the Spider - 3D-small


Come, little ones.

Come to Iba, Empaya Iba.

Touch my soft fur.

Look deep into my all-seeing eyes.

And sleep.

Come to Empaya Iba of the Midnight Flower and the Far Forest.

Curl into me.

Warm yourself.

Sleep in my silk.

Come to Empaya Iba, guardian of the Mother Soil, giver of the Long Sleep, spirit of the Black Orchid People.

Gaze tired eyes at my mark. Come to the one who bears it.

Sleep with us, him and me, Empaya Iba, mage of the Many Legs.

The Mark of the Spider, Book 1 of the Black Orchid Chronicles, is available for pre-order on Amazon in digital format. Your book will be delivered automatically to your Kindle device or app on August 15.

A trade paperback version of The Mark of the Spider will be available on August 15.


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