Priorities: Writing vs. Social Media

An old reporter once told me about writing a newspaper column (a primitive version of a blog). It’s like being married and having a mistress. You no more finish with one and you have start immediately over with the other.

Typewriter keys

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Writing fiction and staying in touch on social media (blogging, for instance) represents that kind of unending challenge. I note that a number of published authors I follow online face the same dilemma.

I figure I can either write fiction or keep up with social media, but not both.

So I’ve been converting The Passenger into a graphic novel and rewriting (for the umpteenth time) Black Orchid Demon and Return of the Black Orchid Spider. And I have a backlog of stories that need some editing attention as well.

Next week, I’m heading into v. 6 of Black Orchid Demon to incorporate six pages of feedback I received from a tough editor I hired to critique my work.

So I’ll be sticking with the wife (fiction) and neglecting the mistress (social media).

But do keep in touch. I do email all the time. (No handy sexual reference available unless you believe in puns.)

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