Proofing eBooks: Takes a Lot of Energy

A huge part of self-publishing is getting things right and looking professional.

Beware the Spider - Paperback small

Paperback cover of my new book.

That’s why I rely on my design team at to create attractive covers and do elegant formatting for both digital and paperback books.

Even after they work their magic, I have to upload the files to Amazon, Smashwords and other platforms and THEN test them on various devices.

That takes a huge amount of time … and energy. Literally.


So this shows me juicing up two iPads, two Kindles and (somewhere underneath) a cell phone.

You’ll agree it’s worth the effort when you see the new book, Beware the Spider.

Beware the Spider will launch formally on June 17 on Amazon and Smashwords and other bookseller platforms.

I’ll have all the links for ebook and paperback copies on my Web site, And I’ll be blasting the news all over social media.

At last, it’s coming.


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