Blogging vs. Writing: Indecision Angst

Writers must blog, must create a “platform,” i.e., round up a bunch of people who will buy their books — or so we are told..

The bigger your platform, the more likely an agent or publisher is to pick you up.

I beg to differ — about blogging, especially.

I was a social media content consultant back before anyone called MySpace a social medium and content was called “stuff” you put on a Web site. (I still prefer Web site to website, which looks like alphabetical diarrhea.)

Here’s the deal. We don’t, and can’t, spend all our time reading blogs by writers. Readers can’t either. Yet 8 bazillion (rounded up) books are published every year either self-dubbed or traditionally dubbed. If every writer wrote a blog or carried on on Facebook or Twitter, when would readers have time to read our “stuff,” i.e.,the stories we want to sell? Short answer: Never.

The same is true for writers: You can either write your stories (books) or you can blog. (Blogging takes time if the content is to have value.) So, do you write books or write a blog?

I vote in favor of books … and every so often guilt myself into writing a blog post. Even though I know no one is reading, and I hate doing it.

And that is Indecision Angst.

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