More Than a Writer: Publishing Paths

Could Solzhenitsyn or J.D. Salinger make it as writers in today’s writing-publishing world?

Could any recluse who only wants to write? I wonder.

In the olden days, writers wrote and publishers published.

Today, alas, it’s not so simple.4-Key-Publishing-Models-662x1024

Jane Friedman, a publisher who lives just down the road in Charlottesville, VA, came up with a very nice one-page PDF illustrating the four key paths to publishing your book.

You thought there was one ‘preferred’ way? (Yeah, me too, but that was about 18 months ago.)

Those four paths are:

  • Traditional (Good luck with that.)
  • Fully Assisted
  • Do It Yourself
  • Community

Jane describes the key characteristics of each and outlines the value for authors of each approach.

It’s a great infographic, and Jane is well worth following on her various social media feeds.

Hmm. Which path would Solzhenitsyn and Salinger choose?

I’m guessing not the Community approach.


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