Time Out of Hand

I had a newspaper editor once who insisted that a reporter (or writer, I suppose) only had so much concentration to give, and he didn’t like his reporters breaking that focus (or earning money on the side).

I have reluctantly come to agree with him as I try to write new fiction, convert a novella into a graphic novel, keep up my social media presence, do a little consulting on the side, keep a personal writer’s journal and write a blog about moving from reporting and editing non-fiction to writing fiction.

Oh, and mow the lawn now and then.

Time quickly gets out of hand. So here are the posts I’m trying to find time to write:

  • Process for converting novella into a graphic novel
  • Writing is not enough … gotta be a marketer, too
  • The Big Thrill … the free zine from International Thriller Writer
  • Mysteries vs. Thrillers
  • Great graphic from Jane Friedman: 4 Ways to Publish
  • Before Writers Become Authors: Decisions to Make
  • I got invited into a writer’s group!

Finally, yes, I would like a little cheese with my whine.

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