Writer’s Group: Into the Prop

Every writer needs an editor.

I’ve said it and believed since I got into journalism … a few years ago.

Feedback from loving family and kind friends does not constitute editing. Those wonderful people tend to look too kindly upon your flaws.

Mike Theiss, FineArtAmerica, http://fineartamerica.com/featured/view-of-a-spinning-propeller-mike-theiss.htmlSo I’m really pleased that Ken Lawrence – a Springfield writer whom I met over breakfast at ThrillerFest – invited me to join a new writer’s group that he and a half-dozen other northern Virginians started at the beginning of the year.

After watching them in action, I’m confident that I’ll get the editing I seek. To be clear, I really want the editing; that’s not to say I expect to enjoy it.

John Gilstrap, a published writer who lives down the Parkway in Burke, Virginia, told me recently that submitting your writing for criticism is like walking face-first into a moving propeller.

My flight leaves in mid-September.

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