New Story – Max and the Passenger

The Passenger is the very first story I worked on seriously, inspired by a visit to the Adirondacks over Memorial Day 2013.

I’ve written it and rewritten it, revised and extended it. It’s now a ready-for-publication novella of 45,000 words.

I have combined two chapters in the excerpt that starts below. The excerpt continues in a PDF file.

This is not the complete novella. I’m trying to decide how to get that published since traditional publishers simply don’t do novellas.

Enjoy and pass on. Do note that it is copyrighted.

Max and the Passenger: Rough Landing
By David L. Haase

The Adirondacks, Upstate New York – August 26, 2016

“Sergeant, get out of that water now!”
“But, sir, the captain …”
“Somebody drag him out of the water. Get some lights going. I can’t see a thing.”
“Flashlights don’t work, sir.”
“Break out an emergency stick.”
“Tried, sir. They aren’t lighting. Flare gun doesn’t fire. Waterproof matches aren’t lighting either. We’re blind, sir.”
“Almighty, it’s cold.”

Read the rest of the except in this PDF file.

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