“Hello. My name is Jimmy Carter. I want to be your president.”

We all know how that ended, but in its day, that was a helluva good introduction. Whatever happened after that happened.

I think introductions are important. They are starting points. The original benchmark, as it were. We can’t be certain where we will end up, but we should certainly have at least a vague idea of where we started.

So let me introduce myself.

I’m an old print reporter (newsie) and digital marketer (consultant) aiming to turn from writing fact to producing fiction.

My wife has been bugging me about this for more than three decades, and I’m just getting around to doing it. (You should see the pile of garbage waiting to go out.)

I’ve been curious for some time about whether I had the patience for long-form writing. In a world where messages are measured in characters, not even words much less paragraphs, I have polished off one novel with 82,000 words and another with 75,000 words. I’m not published yet, but I expect to be. That’s all part of the journey.

So put on your walking shoes — there’s no jogging here — and come on along. If the past is any indication, it will be interesting.

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